Invite SBG
One Question / One Answer with Nancy Davidson, Romanov Grave
„On the occasion of the exhibition Mini Me Mary, Jule Korneffel in dialogue with Mary Heilmann we would like to invite you to the conversation with Paula van den Bosch (senior curator at the Bonnefantenmuseum) and Arjo Klamer (cultural economist).
Paula van den Bosch will talk with Arjo Klamer about the posi- tion of female contemporary painters from the 70s, such as Mary Heilmann, and how they inspired the younger generation of paint- ers including Laura Owens, Monika Baer, Rebecca Morris and Jule Korneffel. They will touch upon the exhibition Paula van den Bosch curated with Mary Heilmann at the Bonnefantenmuseum in 2012 and the current exhibition in the gallery.”