„I think of painting as an internal landscape in which I explore and filter emotional states. The conceived picture plane is a lived experience that evolves through layers of paint.

Following an abstract style of inscriptive mark making, I operate with a very limited set of tools and a repetitive process of adding and over-layering marks. I mainly create panels, sometimes I paint directly on the wall. I focus on the application of color, and within the last years I have developed my own technique. The multiple layering and matt surfaces derive from my Academia European Upbringing and are particularly inspired by early Italian Renaissance painters, such as Fra Angelico, while the intuitive and open-layered approach relates to American Art, in particular to artists whose works/paintings draw from internal dialogue: Mary Heilmann, Agnes Martin and Cy Twombly.

I maintain a minimalist sensibility. Each mark is imbued with personal experience. My work is a process of filtering, which arrives at a precision of forms and color. Despite the reductive process the structure and transparency of layers offer an open-ended sensual experience: underpainting stay visible, brushstrokes come forward, and the marks migrate. At best, the artwork becomes a floating form inhabitable experientially as a living space.

My paintings are complex organisms with poetic simplicity. Following a highly personal concept, I conjure the image from many sources, entering into one composition (alike a formula). This process engages the entire panel. I use the sides for color tests and coincidental spatters, the backs to note and cross out titles until it matches to the simultaneously evolving painting.
My work crossover European tradition and American Art; math, universal theories, autobiographical memories and my everyday — painting is a seismographic motion through all facets of life, a vehicle and navigator.

I like art to be a free, liberated space. I seek quiet joy, an ambient character of my paintings offering self-connection. Painting as a surrogate for living to myself and others. (September, 2019.)